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At a turning point in his life, Dan was encouraged to harness his given art talents and really pursue his career in tattooing.  After 15 plus years as a tattoo artist, he continues to seek out techniques and information to help him grow and evolve as a professional artist. Dan is currently focusing mainly on realistic black and gray, which includes soft edge work and portraits. Focusing on these areas has allowed him to become more proficient and able to provide higher quality work for his clients. He prefers to work directly with clients to create an Individualized, custom design that best suits their ideas and fits the desired area of the body. This one on one consultation process is largely reliant on the client being openminded and trusting, which in turn, allows Dan to do what he does best. Dan currently resides in the Finger Lakes area of New York with his wife and kids.

When he is not tattooing, Dan is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys homesteading activities. 






The minimum required deposit amount is based

on the session selected, and is non- negotiable.

This is applied to the total cost at the completion of your appointment. If you would like to put more of a deposit down, you are more than welcome to do so.

*Please note: Deposits are Non refundable.

lf you need to reschedule your appointment, you must do so 5 days prior. This will ensure your deposit can be applied to the new appointment date.

If you attempt to reschedule or cancel less than 5 days prior, or choose to not show up to your appointment, your deposit will be forfeited. A new deposit will need to be made at the scheduling of a new appointment.

Tattoo Packages:

The tattoo design process is included in each rate selection.

If more time is required to complete the tattoo outside of the session time allotted,

the continuing rate will be $200 per hour. This is applicable to all session rates.

Session rates are unable to be partially refunded due to the inability to sit the whole allotted time or if completed early.


​                               $300

1-1/2 hrs

Minimum required deposit: $100



3-4 hrs

Minimum required deposit: $200



Full day 5-7hrs

Minimum required deposit: $300


Premium pricing & priority scheduling available

More information available upon request



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Dan works closely with his clients on the tattoo design, noting any revisions necessary throughout the process. Considerations will be made regarding size, layout, flow, body area being tattooed, as well as any existing or future tattoos in that area.

For example: if you are getting a piece on your arm, but would like a half/full sleeve in the future. Dan utilizes his many years of experience to help create and produce your prefect tattoo. Designs are shown, revised and finalized before the appointment.

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